Varun Dhawan Super Dancing ABCD 2 Movie Review

ABCD 2 movie download: The first movie from the ABCD series came out in 2013. The second edition of the series, ABCD 2 movie download, was later made available to viewers in 2015, with the ABCD movie gaining huge popularity.

ABCD 2 movie download

Varun Dhawan is the Rockstar of the Bollywood cinema world, has already gained popularity among cinema fans. Varun Dhawan occupies a place in the minds of the audience for his body fitness, dance skill, action skill, and his acting for ABCD 2 movie download.

abcd 2 movie download

Indian actor Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor are a popular Bollywood couple. Today, I will share with you the story of a popular movie starring Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor at the box office.

The ABCD 2 movie also gained huge popularity and a big box office boom. ABCD 2 movie download has gained a reputation as a blockbuster movie.

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The ABCD 2 movie download was released simultaneously in India on June 19, 2015. The movie is released in various countries of the world except in India. Immediately after the release of the poster and trailer for the ABCD 2 movie download, there was a great buzz among cinema fans.

The ABCD 2 movie is directed by Remo de Souza, Bollywood’s renowned and renowned director. The third edition of the ABCD series T and Remo de Souza served as the director.

ABCD 2 Full movie download

ABCD 2 is produced by Siddharth Roy Kapoor, the famous and popular producer of Bollywood. Remo De Souza narrates the story of the ABCD 2 movie download. The gan of the movie is directed by Sachin Geiger, a popular gan director from all over India.

ABCD 2 starred in the lead role of the movie, Varun Dhawan, the rockstar of the Bollywood movie world. Varun Dhawan plays Suresh in the movie. Shraddha Kapoor was another Bollywood actress as Varun Dhawan’s heroine.

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Shraddha Kapoor plays Binny Sharma in the movie. In the ABCD 2 movie download, Prabhudeva plays the character of Vishnu. In the movie, Vishnu is one

Worked as a choreographer. Some of Bollywood’s renowned dance masters Dharmesh, Puneet, Raghav Jewel and many more.

ABCD 2 Movie Stories

Suresh Mukund alias Saru (Varun Dhawan), in the ABCD 2 movie, wanted to make the boy a great dancer. Suresh kept trying to fulfill his mother’s wishes.

Abcd 2

On the other hand, Binita Sharma alias Vini (Shraddha Kapoor) and a country continue their efforts to become the best choreographer. They formed a team with childhood friends in Mumbai and participated in another national competition ABCD 2 movie.

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But during the competition, the judges of the competition were excluded because of the duplicate dance of the Philippine All-Star Dance Group. In pursuit of a livelihood, they all fall in search of a job again.

Started as a waiter, Vinnie started working in the beauty parlor, and Vernon began working as a delivery boy. Saru always thinks and their plans have successfully won the dance competition in Las Vegas.

ABCD 2 HD movie download

Suddenly one day, Vishnu shows his dance skills at the bar where he started. From then on, Saru agreed after much effort to be a choreographer to his group Vishnu. Some people in their dance group gave different auditions when needed.

Selects the people that fit their group. ABCD 2 movie Later, they participated in a dance competition in Bangalore, but the audience was pleased to see them dance, but at the request of Vishnu sir, they were given one last chance.

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They won that competition. After they won in Bangalore, they wished to participate in a Las Vegas competition. In Las Vegas, they needed about $ 2.5 million to participate in the dance competition.

They have faced a lot of humiliation while raising this Rs 25 lakh. Vishnu gets angry because he can’t manage the money. But later they can manage the money and move to Las Vegas.

Download ABCD 2 Movie

When Vinnie became ill due to over-exercising in Las Vegas, they added Indian-American American dancer Olive to their squad. In Las Vegas, they won the qualifier in the dance competition.

But Vishnu later went to their house to meet his son Manu and his mother with the party’s money. Meanwhile, Vishnu’s wife got married and had a child, so his wife refused to obey Vishnu.

abcd 2 movie download
ABCD 2 Movie Cast

Meanwhile, Rainu’s son Manu was a big fan of Vishnu. Back in Kyiv, Vishnu confesses all his mistakes and encourages the team more. In fact, Vishnu’s entire plan was to come to Las Vegas.

Acknowledging the wrongs of the rain, their team returned to unity again and a new incentive was born. At one point they reached the final of the competition.

ABCD 2 Full HD movie download

During practice, he becomes closer to Saru and Olive. But Vinnie couldn’t accept it at all because Vinnie loved Saru. Realizing this, Olive assures Vinny that he sees Saru as a good friend.

Before the finals competition, Vinnie recovered and started practicing with the Indian team. At the last moment of the final competition, a contestant named D Vinod suffered from tuberculosis because they could not finish successfully.

Later, under the inspiration of Suru, they successfully finished the dance and won the competition. Their popularity in India increased greatly due to the victories.

ABCD 2 Movie Box Office Collection

The ABCD 2 movie download peaked at the box office in the first week at the Indian box office. On the first day of the release of the movie, the box office collection of the Indian movie was about 14 crore 40 lakh.

Thus, the total net collection in the first week is about 71 crore 92 lakh. In the first week, the Net Collection delighted the directors and the actors. The movie gross net collection in the second week is about 25 crores.

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With the ABCD 2 movie download, the total net collection at the box office of Bollywood is around Rs 165 crore. With such popularity of the movie and the box office collection, the movie subsequently rose to fame as a blockbuster movie.

The ABCD 2 movie Download is listed as a successful movie. So another new movie from this series is Street Dancer 3d released in 2019.

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