How to easily use az screen recorder 2020 for your Android phone

az screen recorder: Do you have an Android phone, do you want to make a screen recorder with your Android phone? So today these tips are very important for you because today I am going to teach you how to do screen recorder on your Android phone using screen recorder software.

How to use az screen recorder

You must have heard this name az screen recorder many times before. You can record your phone screen very nicely with the screen recorder.

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Not everyone uses YouTube only screen recorder. In our society, there are many common Android phone users outside of YouTube who do not do YouTube, but they also use this screen recorder very often.

az screen recorder

With the screen recorder, you can now easily broadcast live on Facebook or on YouTube. With this screen recorder app, you can live stream any entertainment you love to your phone.

AZ Screen Recorder App Features:

Magic Button:

This button controls your az screen recorder from floating on the screen. So your video will focus solely on the screen you want to record.

Overlay front camera:

When you do a screen recorder on your phone, you can record your face or your speech motions to the camera in a small overlay window. This can be placed anywhere on the screen The screen recorder can easily customize the size of your face captured on camera.

Countdown Timer:

Do You Have to Prepare Something for Recording Before Recording a Screen? The countdown timer will wait a few minutes for the screen recorder to start ready for the screen you are about to record.

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Draw on screen:

This system is more important when creating a tutorial video. Because it allows you to mark your video with a symbol.

Trim the videos:

recording the screen can be long and there may be some unnecessary information. So you can skip the unnecessary sections from the Screen Record video you just created.

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how to easily use and install selection screenshot Android app

Live stream:

With the az screen recorder, you can easily watch your phone’s screen live on Facebook or YouTube.

Important This app is regularly updated as per its requirement. Regular updates make this app even faster.

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