Bahubali movie star Tamanna Bhatia gives food aid to 10K laborers.

coronavirus epidemic took shape, various countries around the world have declared lockdown. And because of this lockdown announcement, working people are spending their days in labor deprivation. So they have a financial crisis. Due to which there have been various problems in the daily life of the working people.

In such a situation when the whole world has declared a lockout, why should India be left out? So the whole of India, like other countries in the world, has declared a lockout. And in this India with a population of 130 crore people when the lockdown. Then the working people there became unemployed.

Tamanna Bhatia
Photo by Tamanna Bhatia: Taken from Instagram

And countless Indian film stars have stood by these unemployed people. Popular South Indian star Tamanna Bhatia has been added to the list of those who have extended a helping hand to helpless people.

Popular Indian star Tamanna Bhatia, who starred in the movie Bahubali, took on the responsibility of feeding 10,000 helpless people in India. Tamanna Bhatia, a star of just 30 years, came forward with a portion of her income to support the laborer’s people of India.

Let’s All Help, an NGO branch in India, has come forward to help Tamanna Bhatia, who has come forward to help the unemployed. Tamanna Bhatia will bear the cost of more than 50 tonnes of food for the unemployed workers in India.

tamanna bhatia
The picture was taken from Instagram

He is in charge of what the food products will be and where to buy them, and how they will be distributed. Volunteers from Let’s All Help NGO will distribute these food items to more than 10,000 people in slums, shelters, and old age homes in the Indian state of Mumbai.

He also posted a post on his Instagram to help the day laborers. Where he wrote that we must make sure that day laborers do not have to go out in search of work. He also shared the address of this organization fund on his Instagram. He called on everyone here to help others with money and food.

He said the coronavirus epidemic has ruined people’s lives at the present time. However, to protect oneself from this virus, there is no alternative but to observe social distance from home in the government-declared lockdown. We will stay at home in compliance with the lockdown until a proper treatment for this virus is discovered. This is good for our health.

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“We are all worried about our lives now,” he said. But what the day laborer will do, what he will eat, and what he will feed his family is a matter of concern. So let’s all do something together so that no one in this government-declared lockdown has to go to bed hungry. So let us all lend a helping hand to keep everyone safe from ourselves.

The present Tamanna Bhatia is with her own parents. And writing diaries to spend boring time, occasionally Exercise in online, making French toast, and seeing her old favorite photos and sharing some photos and videos on social media to share with her fans.


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