Chanchal Chowdhury’s Taqdeer Movie Review 2020

Taqdeer Movie Download: Web platform Hoichoi is working in Bangladesh. Their first released web film ‘Taqdeer Movie Download.’ This multistarrer web film has already caused a stir on social networks. In the month of victory and at the end of the year, it became a hit content. ‘Taqdeer Movie ’ is directed by Syed Ahmed Shawki.

He created the discussion with Bioscope’s ‘Story of Relief in Turbulent Times’ series. The play was very acclaimed. It was proved in the play that he also had a hand in his construction.

Taqdeer Hoichoi Web series

‘Destiny’ literally means destiny. In the web film, Taqdeer A movie is the name of a person who drives a hearse. Unexpectedly he falls into a situation where a corpse gets in his car.

A continuous process is shown of what the address of that corpse will be and what other events may happen around him later. The present tense says that there is a tense that happens in ‘Taqdeer Movie Download‘ without any haste in the image of a cool thriller.

Taqdeer Movie Download

Antonio Gramsci has some explanations for ‘hegemony’. Hegemony can be called ‘dominance’ in Bengali. There are several types of domination in which local hegemony is formed around a circle.

The notion of domination is so strong that there is no place for defeat without victory or it is practiced by those who are involved in it. A ring of this local hegemony is shown in ‘Destiny’ and with it, the exercise of power by the powerful and the helplessness of the helpless become the main ones in the story.

Taqdeer Web series 2020

A cycle of local hegemony is seen in ‘Destiny’. It all started in the first sequence of the film where Rikita says her house was set on fire and she was raped.

‘What else do we have! Rikita’s dialogue shows two forms of violence against minorities, firstly muscle power, and secondly brutality.

It is from here that the arrival of journalist Sanjida Preeti and the dominance of the main clique emerges from its aftermath. Taqdeer Movie Download and some of his companions are the victims of this cycle. This is the gist of the web film Taqdeer Movie Download.

Taqdeer Hoichoi Web series Details

Web Flim

Taqdeer Web Serise



Directed by

Syed Ahmad Shawki


Chanchal Chowdhury, Manoj Pramanik, Sanjida Preeti, Rikita Nandita Shimu, Sohail Mandal, Intekhab Dinar, Perth Barua etc.

Released –  Platform


Released Date

16 December 2020

There is a risk of multistate content with whether everything will be okay everywhere. How much ‘destiny’ has achieved! Chanchal Chowdhury has poured his acting skills into the main character.

Chanchal Chowdhury
Chanchal Chowdhury

The impact of his performance is being discussed abroad beyond the borders of the country. The tired, weary thing in his get-up is what took him one step further, the rest is his acting ability.

Sohail Mandal’s character has become humane so he is giving extra attention. Due to the brotherhood of Chanchal in his character, the audience has gone to an emotional place due to the sense of brotherhood in the nickname. Manoj Pramanik is taking himself to another level day by day due to selection.

‘Taqdeer Movie Download Is ‘ a Masterpiece? Or deprived of a masterpiece?

Sanjida Preeti works very hard and as usual here to she had extraordinary natural acting. In fact, the story is tied through the grain. Rikita Nandita Shimu has shown her worth with the pictures ‘Under Construction, Made in Bangladesh’. His performance in the first scene of ‘Taqdeer Movie ‘ made him upset.

Rear More,

Perth Barua is just like a special character in this film. His dialogue delivery is as remarkable as his expression. His character gave the thriller fun. The character of the leader was perfect for Intekhab Dinar. The other characters were also natural and the performance of the Total Package was in ‘Destiny.

Taqdeer Movie Download

There are many dialogues scattered in Taqdeer Movie Download. There will be a lot to catch, but in Perth Barua’s face, the dialogues ‘I am sitting alone in the sky, I am not trusting’ and ‘Peace be upon you’ were two interesting and Pikachu. Technically the director has shown his hand in cinematography, color grading, background music everywhere.

Could there be a sequel to Taqdeer Movie Download?

Even after such a good cool thriller, a very conscious viewer may think that if the incident had become more complicated, I think there would have been more peace of mind. This work claims to be a masterpiece but in the end, there is something missing that could not be done. Yes, not all work needs to be a masterpiece but what deserves it should be.

Nowadays, it is as if Fanbase calls work a masterpiece with great passion, why isn’t there a ‘destiny’! But the fact that the masterpiece means the highest thing is also a matter of knowing and understanding for many. Let ‘destiny’ be very good work.

Looking at the last scene carefully, it may seem to many. Whether or not a sequel has to be made is also an issue because in many cases it is not possible to hold the craze of the sequel, in which case the agitation caused by ‘Taqdeer Movie Download‘ can be put to an end. Be the talk of the time in more discussions and criticisms.

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