CNN on the election, frustrated BBC News: Joy

CNN on the election, frustrated BBC News: Joy

CNN on the election, frustrated BBC News: The BBC, Western media and other Western media will present their views on the news of our country, our party and the election commission, ignoring their comments,” said Sajib Wazid Joy, advisor to the Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina Information Technology. Only a few irregularities have taken place, the elections have already taken place, they report the allegations of the opposition and the unofficial allegations of the US Embassy.

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Sajib wazid joy

It is very frustrating and biased.
He said this in a Facebook page on his Verifier 31 December 2018 Monday night.

The election commission has officially announced the results, the Awami League won 298 seats in 268. Gattia won 20 seats, BNP 7 and 4. Three votes in one constituency have been postponed to irregularities in the center,” Sajib Wazid Joy said. Voting for these centers will be re-voted.

Said, the vote was postponed at 14 centers across the country. The results are announced in the seats as the centers are shorter than the interval between the candidates.

Choose one seat because there is now only one filter. Farah said: “This voter turnout is 80% .In 1991, the voting rate was 74.96 percent, 75.59 percent, 2001 was 2008 at the top 87.13 percent.Therefore, its normal and expected in this year’s election to vote.”

Those who say they have been stigmatized, they were afraid, do they realize that the opposition needs more than 2.5 crores of voter support for the election results, which is unbelievable in one word,” he said.

There are now 11 news channels in our country, we have not seen any criminal incidents on any channel, there was a peaceful vote in every center and long lines of voters were seen in front of all the centers,” the prime minister’s information technology adviser said.

Almost all foreign observers said our election was acceptable and peaceful,” he said.

He complained that “the National Democratic Institute in the United States wants to send an organization headed by a former deputy general prosecutor of the government led by the BNP This objection was contrary to our electoral law, because no person associated with the political party can be an observer of the elections. Some of the INFRAIL members came to Bangladesh, the rest of the members got the visa and saw our elections. ‘

Seventeen people were killed in the electoral violence, most of them activists of the Awami League, one of whom was from the Jatiya party, one of whom was a member of the law enforcement force, who shot dead the BNP group and took over the center,” Sajib said. Only out of 17 people who were 6 members or supporters of opposition parties.

I congratulated all the Heads of State and Government of our region, Prime Minister Narendra Mudi first calls on my mother, congratulations and who also congratulated my classmate, King of Bhutan.

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