Department of Livestock for new job circular 2019

Department of Livestock for new job circular 2019

Department of Livestock

Department of Livestock

  • Job Category: GOV
  • Job States: full Time
  • Number of post: 610
  • Salary : 10200 – 24680 ৳
  • age: 18 – 30 year

niyeg related condition :

1. In the case of recruitment, the current rules will be implemented in the government.

2. Apply online. The rules and regulations regarding the filing of application will be found on the website Applying to the Online niyog option of the website will apply. No application will be accepted without online application.

3. (A) The start date and time of filing the application form will be from 10:00 AM to 28/04/2013.

(B) The date and time of filing the application form is 27/05/2013 dated 5.00 pm.

4. Candidate must be a permanent citizen of Bangladesh.

5. While participating in the oral examination, submit two (two) sets of hardcaps filled online form, 2 (two) copies of the passport size color, all educational qualifications certificates, national ID card or birth registration certificate, attested copy of the citizenship. and other papers. The original copy of the certificate should be displayed.

Department of Livestock

Department of Livestock

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6. In the case of sons and daughters of freedom fighters, certified photocopies (in favorable cases) and other quota of certificates of successor by the respective Union Parishad chairman / municipality mayor / councilor of city corporation regarding the sons and daughters of the son and daughter of Muktijaddhddha, in connection with the release of the freedom fighter, freedom fighter, and the sons and daughters of the freedom fighters. However, the attested photocopies of the certificate will be submitted during oral examination. Besides, the original copy will be displayed during oral examination.

7. With the application, the Bangladesh Bank will pay 100 (one hundred) rupees to the Bangladesh Bank, Sanyali Bank Limited, and deposit the treasury prize money to the Director General, Department of Livestock, Bangladesh, Dhaka for 1-4441-0000- 2031.

8. The Treasury invoice scan copy must be attached by completing the online registration number of the Treasury shipment number, date, bank name and address. It should be noted here that even if all the part of the online application form is submitted, the online application will not be accepted until the submission of the test fee.

Department of Livestock

9. Candidates must be between 18-30 years of age on 27/05/2015. However, in the case of orphan, physically handicapped and freedom fighters / freedom fighters, the age limit will be up to 32 years. Age limit is 30 years in case of grandchildren or grandchildren.

10. The name of the candidate, the name of the father, the name of the mother, the date of birth, and all the information including his own jalas are written in the same way as the online application should be written accordingly and save the color of the application.

11. All other types of quota will be followed properly by the government including the district coat in the candidate’s election.

12. Defective and incomplete applications are considered to be canceled without any reason.

13. The Authority reserves the right to reject / cancel the notice of any type of reason, during the time of expiration, and less than the number of terms and conditions.

14. Each post will be held on the same day and at the same time for a written examination for Niyeg. Therefore, the same person is advised not to apply for multiple posts.

15. Candidates working in government, semi-government and autonomous organizations must be requested with the permission of the appropriate authority and during the oral examination, the original copy of the authorization letter will be submitted.

16. All the posts for the electoral exam date, time and place and test related information will be made available through the web site ( and the SMS in the mobile phone given in the candidate’s application.

Department of Livestock

17. Since the application completed online application will be used in all subsequent activities, therefore, the candidate will be sure of the accuracy of the information that has been completed before submitting the application online.

18. The decision of the decision-making body of Niagay’s will be considered final.

19. No TA / DA will be provided for participation in written / oral examination.

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