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dvdrockers is a website for downloading movies and TV serials. The dvdrockers site provides download links to the latest Kannada, Malayalam, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu films, including any movie.

About the dvdrockers website:

dvdrockers is a free torrent based movie downloading website. It is also a popular website for downloading Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam movies for free. The most popular extensions on this website are dvdrockers.com, dvdrockers.com, and dvdrockers.com.

Full information about DVD Rockers New Website 2019, how to download Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam movies from DVD rockers is provided below.

dvdrockers 2019 – Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bollywood, Hindi movies can be downloaded from this DVD rockers website. If you are searching the Internet to download a new movie, then it is clear that you are looking for the dvdrockers.com website. Because it is easy to download a movie from here.

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But before downloading a movie from dvdrockers, you have a question? And the question is, do you have complete information about the DVD Rockers’ Telugu website? Perhaps your answer is no. Because we are only interested in downloading Hindi movies from DVD rockers. But none of us are interested in learning about it. However, it is important to know.

dvdrockers – Download Kannada, Malayalam, Bollywood, and Hindi Movies.

In 2019, Chennai police arrested and arrested 2 members of the DVD rockers. However, neither of them was the administrator of the website. So the DVD Rockers website is still operative and able to spread piracy.


The originator of the DVD rocker has not yet been identified. So we have no information about the admin of this website.

Even movie lovers don’t think about it, but after today when you go to download the movie from dvd rockers, you must think of it at least once. Now you may have a question, this is a very good website and we can easily download any movie from DVD rockers. So what is it that makes you ask us to be careful about it?

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We urge you to be careful with DVD Rockers because it is actually a pirate movie website that offers an alternative way to download a movie incorrectly or with the help of a third party. Which is completely illegal by law.

dvdrockers 2019 – Tamil, Kannada Telugu Movies Download

As you all know, there are many types of film industries in India. Looking at these industries together, you will realize how big the cinema business is in India. Not only that, but the employment of millions of people is also involved in this industry.

Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Bhojpuri also have a film industry that produces films for their regional audiences. Because they all think that if the movie is in their official language, they should be able to enjoy it better. However, it is not the national Hindi language of India.

And the number of people watching DVD movies in Hindi is very high, so filmmakers get more incentive to do business, which is why Hindi films are currently making billions.

DVD-rockers are key

dvdrockers is a website for downloading movies where links are available to download Bollywood, Hollywood, English, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil movies. Here, with the help of a third party, that is, when you download a movie here, you will see many types of links that redirect each other.

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This is because the link that DVD rockers provide for downloading new movies is invalid. And the link that these national websites provide for downloading movies is completely illegal. Because of this, the filmmakers are at a loss. Because they spend a lot of money and work hard to produce a film. However, these websites only piracy for their own benefit and benefit, which is completely wrong and illegal.

dvdrockers are the key to crying

When you enter their website, you will see a category called Kannada movie. Where you can see Kannada movies of 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Recently, DVD Rockers released two of the biggest data. Arjun Patiala and The Lion King have leaked this HD print on the web site. DVD Rockers Telugu 2018 movie, Tamil film, Kannada movie, and many more movies are available on this website which can be downloaded for free.

List of Dvdrockers Hindi Movies

On DVD Rockers you can collect and download Tamil movies as well as Hollywood movies.

Note: Piracy is illegal, the website owner and users of that website (visitors) are also considered to be involved in the piracy. Therefore, we suggest and request that you download movies only from legal platforms such as YouTube.

DVD rockers are the Telugu key

As above, you will find a few more categories here. Where you can find a way to download Telugu movies through DVD rockers. Because such web site operators want their site users to have no problem searching for movies.

Whether to download movies from DVD Rockers

We must not decide, because downloading a movie from DVD rockers is illegal, so the government has made some rules. Because the government has enacted strict laws to stop piracy on these national websites. Because of the pirated promotion of the movie on such sites, the film industry has financial losses.

Dvdirkers New Link 2019


If you want to watch new movies online then you can watch it in legitimate ways. For example, you can watch your favorite movies on YouTube that are completely legal. But watching a movie on YouTube will require a good quality internet connection.

You can download Bollywood movies from DVD rockers

DVDrockers.com is not as popular for Bollywood movies. However, it is quite popular for Tamil, Telugu movie. Here is the most downloaded Tamil movie. But Hindi movie viewers also come here to download Bollywood 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 movies.

But as we have already mentioned, downloading and uploading movies from a pirate website online is later on in the crime category, for which the government has also made stringent rules.

DVD rockers Hollywood movie download

DVD rockers are also known for Hollywood movies. Because cinematic lovers of the South love Telugu dubbing movies in Hollywood. So they come here to download them. But have you ever noticed that Hollywood movies found on DVD rockers are rarely found dubbing in Hindi?

There are many films that are not available in Hindi dubbing, Telugu dubbing or Tamil dubbing. Because dvdrockers are not as popular as Tamil rockers and Temilocar.


Piracy is a legal offense in any movie. So trendntime.com completely opposes such pirated web sites and advises you to stay away from such pirated web sites. The purpose of this post is simply to make people aware of pirated websites. So choose the right path of entertainment and keep a distance from this national website.

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