How to Go Facebook Live From Zoom

In this article, I’m gonna show you how easy it is to Facebook Live from Zoom. The first thing to know, you do need a paid account for Zoom. You cannot do this on the free level of Zoom. The first thing we wanna do is make sure streaming is turned on in the settings.

Log into your Zoom account on the Zoom website. I’m gonna click Account Management here on the left, then Account Settings. And you’ll come to this massive page of settings. Over here in the second column and from the left, you wanna click In Meeting (Advanced). That’s gonna scroll way down here for us, then find Allow live streaming, right here.

Facebook Live From Zoom

You can see in here mine is turned off, so I’m going to turn it on. Then go ahead and click any of the services that you wanna use it for. So I’m just gonna go ahead and click ’em all, and then hit Save. So our settings are good, let’s dive into an actual Zoom call. I’ll show you how to stream it to Facebook Live.

FaceBook Live From Zoom

I’m in a meeting on Zoom, and down here on the bar across the bottom. I’m gonna click More with the three dots above it. Then here are my options to stream to different places. So I’m gonna go ahead and choose stream Live on Facebook. It’ll open a browser window to Facebook, if you’re not logged into Facebook, you’ll need to log in. Choose where you wanna post your live video.

I can share on my timeline which is my personal profile, you can share on a friend’s timeline, a group, an event, or on a page you manage. So I’m gonna choose a group here, then it’ll ask me to put in the group name, I’ve got this testing group here, then I’m gonna go ahead and hit Next. Once it connects, you’ll come to this screen here and you should see a preview of whatever you have showing in Zoom.

Facebook Live Streaming

Here it says, the meeting is now streaming live on Facebook. So when you get that indication, you know you are living, and you can go ahead and start talking to your audience. Get going with whatever you’re putting out there. When you’re done streaming to Facebook Live, it’ll automatically cut off the stream to Facebook Live.

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But if for some reason you wanted to cut off Facebook Live, but keep on the Zoom call, you can again tap More. And then just hit Stop Live Stream, and that’ll do it Before we wrap up. A few really important things to know so you don’t make the same mistakes that others made, and had to learn the hard way.

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First of all, there’s about a 20-second delay between the time you do something on Zoom. When it actually goes out over Facebook Live. So if you ask a question on Zoom, but you’re waiting for people to respond in the comments on Facebook Live. It might take a little bit before they see it, and then have the time to respond.

And because of the delay, if you have Facebook Live open in another tab on your computer, make sure to mute it. In the lower right-hand corner of the video, to make sure that you’re not hearing yourself again.

Watch Facebook on Zoom

If you have people watching on Facebook and on Zoom, make sure you are monitoring both places. Because you might have people comment in the chat on Zoom. Then other people comment in the comments on your Facebook Live video, and you wanna make sure nobody gets ignored. And finally, you can stream both the Facebook business pages and the Facebook groups.

But if you don’t have the proper permission, you might actually be able to see the page when choosing pages to stream to, but if you only have moderator access, for example, you won’t actually be able to stream to it.

A little bit frustrating the way that set up. But if it’s not working, it may be that you don’t have admin or editor access on whatever channel you’re trying to stream to. I hope this works really well for you, if it doesn’t for some reason, I’ve linked to Zoom’s help guide for this in the description of this video.

Also, if you’re looking to stream on Facebook Live with a guest who’s in another location, there’s actually an easier way to do it than connecting Zoom to Facebook Live, where you do it all in one window.

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