How to change your Facebook name in 60 days

Facebook name change

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change your Facebook name in 60 days

Friends, you all already understand that I am going to discuss something for you today. Yes, you did not look wrong, you saw the truth. What you think will never be changed again before 60 days.

Facebook name change

For this, you have to follow some rules. If you follow the rules given by me below correctly. Then, of course, you can tell your friend with the womb, it doesn’t matter if you change the name of Facebook in 60 days.

So, friends, I have talked a lot, now I will not talk about anything. Now it will just work, so let’s take a look from below, listen, and learn better, how we will change our Facebook profile name 60 days in advance.

Facebook name change

First click on the link below

Changing Facebook Name

After that, you will get a page like below

Facebook name change

1. Enter the first part of your new name in the New Fast name field (for example, suppose your name is “deshbd 25” and then enter “deshbd” in this cell).

2. Now you can put the middle part of your name in the New Medal Name box. If not, there is no problem. Because it is optional.

3. Now the last part of your name in the New Last Name cell. (E.g. deshbd 25 Now type ” 25 ” here).

How to FB Name Change

Reason for this change: Now select the spelling mistake as the reason for the name change.

Facebook name change

Your Documents: Now upload a scanned copy of any of your government cards (such as NID, School id, birth certificate), etc. and submit it.

Note: When changing the name, you must upload the ID of that name.

Change Your Fb Name

Exception rules: If you do not have one of the above cards. However, submit any picture. If your luck is good, the name will change.

After finishing all the above work correctly, you have to click on Send. A confirmation message will appear after sending it.

You will have to wait some time or 2-1 days after finishing all the work, to change the name.

So I’m finishing here like today. But we will meet again with any new tips. Stay well, stay healthy. And to know or learn something new, visit deshbd25 more and more every day.



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