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Hambirrao Mohite download is an upcoming Marathi film. Written and directed by Pravin Vitthal Tarde, “Sarsenapati Hambirrao” is a historical film soon to be released. Having to build a large collection for any historical film costs a lot to create that atmosphere. Only three days left for filming. The ceasefire had to be announced due to the closure announcement while he was ready. The shooting was allowed after seven months of closure. However, there was a rain crisis.

Download Hambirrao Mohite was the main military commander of Shivaji Maharaj’s army. A capable military general, he carried out several campaigns of Shivaji Raji and later served under Sambaji Maharaj.

Hambirrao Mohite download Review

Early life: Humberraw was born in Talpid in 1630. Samphaji Mohit has 3 sons Hrivrau, Humberraw, Shankarji, and 2 daughters Soyarabai and Anol. Canberra’s father, Sampaji Mohit, was a mighty and extremely brave leader. Humberraw inherited all traits from his father. After Prataprao Gujar’s sacrifice, Shivaji Maharaj Hambirarao made him a Sersenapati (captain).

Battle of Kobal: At that time, the Kubal district of Karnataka was under the command of General Abd al-Rahim Khan Miyana and his brother Husayn Miyana. The two brothers forcibly took farmers’ grain. The Kobal people complained to Shivaji Maharaj when he sent his car to Sersenapati Hambirrao.

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In Welburga, in January 1677, both armies collided. Hambirrao and Dhanaji Jadhav showed incomparable bravery in this battle. More than half of the justice of Shah’s army was killed in this battle. Hamberraw killed Abd al-Mayana and Hussain Mayana was imprisoned.

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The Battle between Humber Rao and Finkoji: Humberraw had two sisters, Soyarabai, who married Shivaji Maharaj, and Arabia, who married Finkoji (a half-brother of Shivaji Maharaj). Later, Shivaji Raji came to Karnataka to Dakshin Dijvijai (Southern Conquest).

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When Finkoji (Ikuji) refused to share his father’s property with Shivaji Maharaj, a war started between them. Hambirrao won major counties in Venkoji such as Jagdevagad, Kaveripattam, Chidambaram, and Vriddhachalam.

Finkoji was very upset that Shivaji Maharaj had taken over his states. On November 6, 1677, the battle began at Fincoji and Hampirao. Finkoji seemed to have won the battle, but later Humberraw suddenly attacked Finkoji’s army and won the battle in defeat. Two months after Shivaji Raji intervened, he ended the fight. Humberraw won the important fortress of Vellore on July 22, 1678, from Adelshahi, General Abdullah Khan.

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Hambirrao’s role in the coronation of Sambhaji Maharaj: Shivaji Maharaj died on April 3, 1680. On April 21, the corrupt Swarajya ministers crowned Rajaram Maharaj. At that time Rajaram Maharaj was only ten years old. Rajaram Maharaj was the nephew of Hambirrao.

Swaraj’s ministers ordered the imprisonment of Sambaji Maharaj. When Humberraw learned of this, Humberraw captured all the ministers and introduced them to Sambaji Maharaj. This demonstrates the depth of Humberau’s enduring loyalty to Swaragia.

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