How to use Free RDP for One Month

Hello guys, welcome back to our Blog In this article, I’ll tell you how you can get free RDP for 1 month. So guys, if you are a new user of this Blog, please hit the Share button, and also press the bell icon for instant notifications.

I will provide this link in the Comment box and click on the Try it Free Button. Fill Basic Details here So here you have to verify your email address. Go to your Gmail and as you can see I got the mail. Click on the Verify button As you can see, my mail address is successfully confirmed.

Free RDP for One Month

After that Sign in to your account. Here we got 28 days free trial that means we got free RDP for 28 days. To create RDP, just click on “Live” and then click on “Test Result” Click on “New Live web Test” Here choose your default browser for RDP. (Microsoft edge is recommended) Here you can put any link for the homepage of your browser.

Hou to Use free RDP For 1 Month (1)

So I’ll put google site, You can put any site’s link according to your choice. Choose the resolution for your RDP You can select this resolution for a better interface. After that, just click on the “Start Session” button, As you can see, we got RDP. This RDP will run on the browser.

RDP will run on the browser

Go to the desktop by minimizing the browser So here, I’ll also show you the system status, To check this, just go to the control panel. Click on “Category” and select “Large icons. Scroll down the page and select “System”.

Here you can see that we got 6GB RAM RDP with 64xbit system type. Here, I will also show you the internet speed of RDP. As you can see, the downloading speed is approx. 180mbps & uploading speed is 400mbps. So guys, if you like the Article please Share our Blog if you have any issues, you can comment below.

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