Work is underway to make a new film on the Hunger Games book

Hunger Games While the whole world is locked down in the coronavirus epidemic, the new movie of Hunger Games is going to bring a different kind of entertainment to the world of entertainment. It is believed that after the lockdown, it will be able to keep the people in the entertainment world happy through some entertainment. The new movie is expected to release in May.

The Hunger Games book will be released next month and a film is being planned. Lionsgate is adapted by Susan Collins, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, an introduction to her three novels “The Hunger Games”, which will be released on May 19.

The having miserable Collins series, which includes The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay, has sold millions of copies worldwide and is the basis of four Lionsgate films that grossed nearly $ 3 billion and starring Jennifer Lawrence as a hero.

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For the new movie, Susan Collins will act as executive producer and write the film’s Cure. The script will be written by Michael Arand, Oscar winner for Little Miss Sunshine, nominee for Toy Story 3, and one from the book to adapt Catching Fire. Francis Lawrence is back as a director after producing three previous Hunger Games films. Nina Jacobson will re-appear with Brad Simpson.

For a long time, the movie deal seemed inevitable. When Collins’ book was announced last year, Joe Drake, president of the Lionsgate Motion Picture Group, told The Associated Press that the company was “communicating with him during the writing process”.

However, with the prevention of film production from preventing the epidemic of coronavirus, no release date has been set and casting has not started. The movie will appear in the fictional Panam movie by Susan Collins and focus on 18-year-old Coriolanus Snow, the future president who played Donald Sutherland in previous films.

“Lionsgate has always been a cinema home to the Hunger Games, and I am very happy to be back with them with this new book,” Collins said in a statement on Tuesday. “From the beginning, he treated the source material with great respect, respected the thematic and narrative elements of the story, and brought together a wonderful team in front and behind the camera.

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Nina, Francis, and Michael Kaye It is a pleasure to have been reunited, to make the novel friendly to the screen, and to share her wonderful talents again with Paname’s world.

Drake said in a statement that Collins’ new novel “is creatively exciting and takes this world into complex new dimensions that open up amazing cinematic possibilities.”

“We are delighted to have reshaped the team of this film, and with this unique distinction we cannot wait to start producing it,” said Drake.

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