Instagram Live Hrithik Roshan to Protect Corona Virus Warning

Just when the coronavirus is in panic around the world, the Indian superstar hero Hrithik Roshan has come to live on Instagram and has revealed ways to control coronavirus for people all over the world, including his fans.

As the coronavirus epidemic and its effects persisted around the world, Hrithik Roshan became a hero in times of crisis at the head of his hero and in real life.

hrithik roshan
hrithik roshan

Being responsible citizens and having a positive impact on people, Bollywood stars use their social media to motivate people to cope with this situation, motivate them to engage in internal activities and the constant promotion of people finds ways to help.

Amidst this tense situation, the war actor found an interesting way to seek help from all his young fans through this beautiful video. He took to his Instagram page to post the video and commented on him, “Ye buds hai wake up.”

Message from there to all my young friends. You can be a hope and a hero in this battle. India vs corona stay home to save your lives.

Instagram Live Hrithik Roshan

In the video, Hrithik asks his young fans to hold accountable and spark the initiative to educate adults and make them understand that it is time to stay home and fight disease. This charming gesture of the star has definitely inspired all of his young fans and we hope everyone will follow.

After the closure, Hrithik was fully supportive of the government and could assist him in every way. He earlier posted a video clip asking people to stay home and stay safe. We know that actors are enjoying the linear trend amongst young adults and we hope they give them the message

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