A clear review of the MLSBD website

MLSBD Website Review

From today’s tips, you will know how to download any new movie or drama in the fastest time and reach you on the very next day when a new picture or drama is released.

How To Download Movies From MLSBD?

With my tricks today, you can easily find your favorite movies and download your favorite movies very quickly. We often see many movie servers. Servers on which we do not find our desired movie or drama easily, even searching on YouTube we do not find our desired play or picture.

So with my trick, you can easily find anything from video or audio to your desired movie or drama. Through this server, which was released today, you can download the image to your phone tomorrow and view it.

So let’s get acquainted with that server. The name of the server is MLSBD first started as MLS Dot In and then this server is converted from mlsbd.in and brought to MLS BD.Co. The server is then transferred to mlsbd.co. After starting the journey to mlsbd.co its speed and visits gradually increased.

MLSBD App – Movie Link Store BD

So, the server is transferred to mlsbd.co for the convenience of users and brought to mlsbd.com. Subsequently, at the request of users and widely known as movie servers, they were transferred from mlsbd.com to mlsbd.mobi. As a result, you will not be able to see how this movie server has improved.


When you go to the site you can see much faster and much faster than other movie servers. And the download method is a little exception from other websites so any video or audio from this server is downloaded easily.

There is a trouble-free download of annoying ads on this site based on the movie server online. Apart from this, we have different categories of songs, movies, and plays, so that we can easily find our desired video song, audio song, movie, or drama.

mlsbd app details

In addition, this web site has an official application that we can use the application like YouTube. From this application, we can watch the trial of any movie before downloading it.

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The download speed of this movie server is so fast, anything can be downloaded in the blink of an eye. There are no pictures or plays on this server that cannot be found.

You can easily find what you didn’t find on YouTube or other movie servers on this mslbd movie server. Find what you are looking for in this mlsbd movie server by category and you will get what you want.

There is no hassle of registering or logging in to this server to download anything from mlsbd. Anyone can browse from any browser and easily download movies, dramas, and whatever they want from this server.

MLSBD – Download Movie In Bangla

You need three clicks to download anything from this movie server.

★ First, you have to click on the movie or drama you want.

★ Then in front of you, some images and some information on the movie/drama you want to download will come.

★ After viewing that information, you will see the download option below the image

★ Then click on the format of the form you want to download from those download options.

★ Then a new page will appear. Click on the Go to Download option written on that page.


★ After clicking here, there is an option called click rate at the bottom, Click there.

★ Now you have to wait for 15 seconds. After waiting for 15 seconds, you will get an option called gate link again. Click there.


★ After clicking on the gate link you will get an option called unlock. Click there.


★ After clicking on Anil, two download links of the video will come out.

★ Clicking on any one of those download links will start downloading your video.

There is no possibility of clicking on one page like other websites and ten more pages will be opened in this website so the download and browsing facility can be said to be double from other websites.

I learned a lot about the website, got a lot of ideas. So let’s learn something about the app.

Futures of MLSBD Apps described below:

1. You can download any movie with one click or watch it online by clicking on the Watch button.

2. This app has a built-in downloader and player. And this is why you can download from Mlsbd Apps if you want or you can play through the app.

3. It uses the High-Speed Download Server – so that you get the maximum download speed according to the ISP. You can also download & push & resume.

4. The app has been made in the light version. Due to which the app will not take up much space in your Devic. MLSBD Apps Size 5Mb

5. Update Print of all movies will be shared in the app first. Which will be open to all.

6. The same movie has the facility to download multiple prints/versions.

7. This app has the facility to download up to a maximum of 6 files simultaneously.

8. There is a system to select internal and external SD cards during download.

9. There is a live chat system to solve any problem.

10. There are search options in the category by country.

11. There is a facility to watch the trailer before downloading anything.

12. All types of files are uploaded to Google Drive and downloaded at high speed.

13. There is a huge collection of HEVC movies. And with 480p, 720p, 1080p.

Movies of any industry such as Bengali, Hollywood, Kolkata, Bollywood, Korean, Enemy, Animation, English, Web series Foreign, and many other local movies are easily available here.

In the case of foreign or other language movies, Bangla subtitles are included with the download link for easy enjoyment.


Our website trendntime.com never promotes such a website and never will, through this post, we want to warn you and promote you, we request you to stay away from such website and legal way to watch movies.

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