Prime Minister : If you can prove the fraud, elections will be held again.

Prime Minister : If you can prove the fraud, elections will be held again.

Prime Minister
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) was afraid of elections because it could not name qualified candidates for the 11th national parliamentary elections. “During the meeting, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina made the remarks.

He said BNP had won seven seats in the election. This is their fault. Moreover, corruption – terrorism is the cause of their dysfunction. “In terms of tax evasion, there was no fraud in the vote, if anyone could prove that it was fraudulent, if we had no objection to voting again.

Asked about the closure of the Internet connection during the vote, Sheikh Hasina said: “Nine people have used the Internet. “People can go to power with popular electoral politics,” she said, “If the defeated people today make politics for the people, then they can also take power in the future.

In response to a question from an al-Jazeera journalist about allegations of torture and persecution by the party’s anti-policy activists, Sheikh Hasina said: “Look, a few hours after the election, as a ruling party, we still did not act indifferent to the opposition, but in 2001 BNP-Jamaat killed our workers The raped women, burned the houses, we killed our deputies and activists, we have a lot of bad experience, we did not, our leaders and activists did not harass the opposition. ”

“Before the elections, I called everyone, I discussed them, I heard their allegations, so that they could participate in the elections, I spent a lot of time with them,” she said.

“Whenever the BNP came to power, our workers were killed, atrocities were carried out, we would never accept BNP-Jamaat’s terrorist activities to burn and burn people,” said the Awami League president.

On the issue of the complexity of visas for international observers and not allowing them to come, she said: “Many of them are members of the political parties, they were not allowed to come because of political affiliations.”

At this time, the political adviser to the prime minister, HT Imam, said, “Enferrle published a statement the day before the Bangladesh election the language of their statements, disgusting Under their statements, incorrect information and guess local chapters Enfield is the right president of rights Adilur Rahman. “They made the call in the wrong place.”

According to the constitutional clause, there is no political obsession with any current or former political party, can not be an observer.

“The committee is independent, they have the ability to investigate the claims of the United Front (BNP), if they want to delay the delay of one month in announcing the election results, they can do that,” she said.

What are your expectations on the Rohingya issue for the international community? Responding to such a question, she said: “We are talking to Myanmar and they have agreed to restore the Rohingya, my expectations for the international community, and take steps to ensure their rehabilitation.” How long will they live as refugees in another country?

The international community must play a role to ensure reciprocity. We have already signed talks with Myanmar and signed an agreement. Myanmar has agreed to withdraw the Rohingya but there is little progress in this. ”

Note that on Saturday, December 29, Infril and 15 affiliated organizations published a statement on the election environment. They said in the statement that since the election was announced, the Government of Bangladesh has launched a campaign of repression against civil society, the opposition and the media. There is no indication of any kind of democratic process. And After the eleventh parliamentary elections on Sunday (December 30th), the Grand Alliance won 287 of the 300 seats in parliament across the country.

The opposition party has six seats. In addition, he won the presidential code in the Sylhet-2 electoral constituency by Chief of Staff Ganoforam Mukubir Khan. Gulam Kibria Tipu, a candidate from the open Jatiya Party, won the Barisal-3 seat outside the Grand Alliance. Apart from this, three other candidates won as independent candidates.