PSC Result 2019 প্রাথমিক/ইবতেদায়ী শিক্ষা সমাপনী পরীক্ষা Get PSC Result

psc result 2019 full Marksheet including by Published

psc result 2019psc result 2019 dperesult.teletalk. PSC result in 2019 Bangladesh will be published on 31th December 2019. The PSC examinations began on November 20. A total of 3,230,288 examiners will sit for the examinations this year. Of them, 2,930,573 will sit for PSC and 299,715 for Ebtedayee examinations. this year psc examinations will be held in 7,194 centers, including 11 overseas centers. Primary School Certificate (PSC) and equivalent examinations for Class-five will be starting on Sunday (17th November 2019) and will continue till 25th November.

সরকারি চাকরি খুঁজুন এখানে

PSC Exam Grading System 2019

Most of our students do not know about the PSC grading system. PSC exam results in 2019 can know their Grading system. There is no extra optional Subject available on the PSC Examination. Thus, GPA will count as the average GPA of all subjects. You have got the below GPA on these subjects in the PSC Exam result 2019.

Marks WithinGrade PointObtain Grade
0 to 320.00F
33 to 391.00D
40 to 492.00C
50 to 593.00B
60 to 693.50A-
70 to 794.00A
80 to 1005.00A+

How to PSC Result Full Marksheet 2019

Full Marksheet of PSC Result 2019 is available now. The Full Marksheet mean PSC Result with Subject wise Marks out of total marks and more. It is very important to all Students. Last year, DPE made Board Challenge System (Result Re-Scrutiny) for PSC Result. If a student gets 77 or 79 Marks can apply for Board Challenge (Result Re-Scrutiny). It is a paid system. It is powered and maintenance by Teletalk Bangladesh Limited. Details info is available on the below. PSC Full mark sheet is also important for understanding the Scholarship Result.

বেসরকারি চাকরি খুজুন এখানে

No additional system is available to check PSC Result 2019 with Full Marksheet. You will get it at the online system. While you will check your PSC Result 2019 from our online system, you will get your Details Marksheet. You are also eligible to print your mark sheet by clicking on the Print Button.

jsc result 2019 দেখুন সবার আগে

How to Check PSC Result 2019 by SMS – প্রাথমিক/ইবতেদায়ী শিক্ষা সমাপনী পরীক্ষা

If you want to get the PSC result 2019 very easily. So mobile SMS is the easiest way to get results in a fast time. So, I will show you how to get PSC results through mobile SMS in two ways. It is not possible for all our parents to see the results online. For them, this is an easy way to view the results. According to easily check the PSC Result 2019, Teletalk Bangladesh Limited made an Easily process. Only Student ID Number can use to check the PSC Result 2019 from Mobile SMS. We are providing two separate processes of SMS format.

DPE <space> Student ID Number to 16222

Example: DPE 25648 Send to 16222

This is the most recent official mobile SMS format for PSC Result 2019. Teletalk Bangladesh limited launched it first in 2016. Now, it is the most popular Mobile SMS Format on PSC Result 2019. So, use this Message Format and check your PSC Result 2019 by SMS. 2.54 TK Charge will be applied. Here’s another mobile SMS format that is available to you. You can also use this Format if you don’t have the Student ID Number. Here, you can use your PSC Roll Number.

DPE Thana Code Roll

Finally, send the message to 16222. You will receive your Result very soon on your Mobile Phone. SMS Charge is the same. You may know that all operator numbers allowed. So, use any mobile Number to check your Result. Don’t send the message before publishing Result.

DPE <space> Thana Code <space> Roll

Example: DPE 08 239564

Subject Code for PSC Subject Board

Bangladesh & Global Identity114
General Science115
Religious Education116
Bangladesh & Global Identity124
General Science125
Religious Education126

About of primary education

The indigenous education system that developed in the Indian subcontinent in ancient and medieval times was largely theological and philosophical. This education system was isolated from the common people. What is now known as the modern education system was introduced and implemented by the British.

This period of education began in 1971 when the people fought for glory to achieve independence. The independent constitution of independent Bangladesh states that primary education will be the responsibility of the state.

Full Marksheet সহ সবার আগে রেজাল্ট নিতে ক্লিক করুন এখানে


এখানে আপনার student ID বসিয়ে সবার আগে আপনার ফলাফল দেখুনঃ

Again Search

The provisions are:

The state will take all that effective action

(A) To promote free and compulsory education for all children with a view to establishing uniform, public-facing, and universal education.
(b) at the prescribed time by law. Properly trained and motivated citizen production.
(c) prescribed by law Ye remove illiteracy.

Bangladesh Education Commission:

  • A commission report in 1974 outlined the following objectives for primary education.
  • Develop and nurture the child’s moral, emotional and social personality.
  • To develop a child as a patriotic, responsible, inquisitive and law-abiding citizen, and to develop his love for justice, dignity, labor, right conduct, and justice.
  • Learn to read and write in the mother tongue, and be able to count.
  • To be able to acquire the basic knowledge and skills needed for future citizens.
  • To prepare for the next phase of higher education.

ব্যাংকের চাকুরি খুজুন এখানে

It may be noted here that all the recommendations of the Commission have not yet been fully implemented. But in 1973, the government nationalized 36,165 elementary schools under an Act called Primary Education Over Law and declared 1,57,724 teachers as public servants. Since then, strengthening and improving primary education management has become a part of the responsibility of the state and gradually planned steps are taken for the development of primary education.

PSC Result 2019 will be published on December 31, 2019.

Suppose a student gets a number in the exam according to the number given below, it will result:

SubjectMarksGrade PointGrade
General Science663.5A-
Social Science583B
Islamic Studies764A

So, here your Average GPA (CGPA) will be (5+4+5+3.5+3+4) = 24.5/6 = 4.08; so, your PSC Result 2019 will be GPA 4.08. You Letter Grade is A. GPA ranges from 0.00 (F) to 5.00 (A +).

How to Check Ebtedayee Result 2019

It is an equivalent exam of the Primary School Certificate or PSC exam. The Ebtedayee Result 2019 will publish with a PSC Result 2019. While the PSC Result will be published by authority, you will be eligible to check your Ebtedayee Result 2019 from Online or Mobile SMS.

When result publish every student question how can get the result by mobile. If you want to check your Result from Online, Please see the previous text we have provided details on how we can get your ebtedayee result by mobile. You will get your Ebtedayee Result from the same server of this PSC. This Result is also powered by DPE. After visiting the Website, follow all steps. Just one Replace requires. Just Select Ebtedayee on Examination. All other options will be working fine.

Now, you can also check your Ebyedayee Result 2019 by Mobile SMS. Here is the Mobile SMS Format available for you. It will works while the Result will be published Online. SMS Charge will be applied. Now open your Message option from Mobile. Then, type the below SMS

EBT Student ID Number

EBT <space> Student ID Number to send 16222

Example: EBT 23594 send 16222

Send the message to 16222. Where do you get your Ebtedayee student ID number? It is available on your Ebtedayee Admit Card. So, check your Result now by using any way or What you like.

How to Check PSC Result Board Challenge – Result Re-Scrutiny

PSC board Challenge system is available now. Any Student can now apply to recheck their psc result 2019 from this system. Board Challenge will start on the following day of the result published date and continue the next 15 days. Teletalk prepaid Mobile number need to use for this process. Now we are going to describe the system of psc Result 2019 challenge for you.

Recharge your Teletalk prepaid Mobile Account. Then Two SMS charges and per subject 180 takas require. If you want to apply for one subject, you need at least 185 takas in account Balance. So, go to the SMS Option from Mobile Phone and then type a new message now type the below Format with your Information.

DPRSC <space> Student ID Subject Code and Send to 16222.

Example: DPRSC 163256799 113 and Send to 16222.

Now here, 183466485 is student ID Number and 112 is the Subject Code (Bangla). After sending the first message you will receive a message you can see the message Student Name, Chargeable amount and a PIN number. You need to use the PIN number to send the second message. Now, Send the second message with the below format.

DPRSC <space> YES PIN Number <space> Contact Number and Send to 16222.

Example: DPRSC YES 00766819 01XXXXXXXXX and Send to 16222.

Now here this 797857525 is the Example PIN number. You need to replace the PIN number which you will receive on the First Message.

How to Check PSC Result Scholarship Result 2019

PSC Scholarship Result 2019 will be published after or within 90 days from PSC Result Publish date. The Ministry of Education will be published district wise selected list of PSC Scholarship Candidates on their Official Website. PSC Scholarship Result can also check by their official website. We have already given you an idea of ​​the PSC scholarship results.

Visite: Directorate of Primary Education Official Website

If you have a good result psc, we support you to verify the psc Scholarship Result 2019. Information department name, district name, police station name, roll number and year. Now, visit the official website and check the PSC result now. You will see scholarship results on the portal.

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