Tamasha Nobel new song published by nobel-mane official YouTube channel

Tamasha Nobel song: Mainul Ahsan Nobel, the famous musician of “Saregamapa” organized by Zee Bangla, was widely criticized on Tuesday with the status of Tamasha Nobel song on his official Facebook page.

Because Nobel says in the status of the Tamasha Nobel song that he has given, that there is no achievement among the musicians in Bangladesh in the last ten years that has enlightened the music world of Bangladesh.

Tamasha Nobel Song Release

He also mentioned teaching music to music legends in his Tamasha Nobel song status. Tamasha song The status quo has been criticized by music-loving listeners and music enthusiasts on various social media including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, citing Nobel’s arrogance.

Why did he suddenly give Tamasha mp3 song status on his official Facebook page?

The main reason for giving him such status is the Tamasha Nobel song. Because this month he will release a basic song called ‘Tamasha mp3 song’ from his YouTube channel ‘Nobleman’.

Tamasha mp3 song by Nobel

Before the release of the Tamasha song, he drew up such a critique on social media that he devised a strategy to market this Tamasha mp3 song for free. And he has succeeded in marketing this Tamasha Nobel song for free.

Tamasha Nobel song
Nobel new song tamasha

However, when he went to do free marketing of Tamasha Nobel songs in this way, did he make negative comments about the people of Bangladeshi songs on social media?

Tamasha Nobel mp3 song

Tamasha song Nobel’s arrogant remarks about legends in song status?

Ever since Nobleman published such an arrogant Tamasha Nobel status from his Facebook page, there has been a lot of criticism of him on social media.

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As well as the famous YouTuber Tassine roasting him depending on the status of his Tamasha song. This roast of tamasha Nobel song spread to YouTube in no time

Nobel song tamasha

Soon after, a few more YouTubers roasted him and helped him turn his marketing plan into a Tamasha song for free into a success.

But YouTubers do not know that this was a plot by Nobel. Because the song Tamasha song by Nobel, which is going to be released this month, has given such an arrogant status through social media for the purpose of marketing.

That status has hit the hearts of listeners and singers of all songs. Due to which he has faced criticism as soon as he released the status of Tamasha’s song.

Tamasha song Singer by Nobel

Just when he was being criticized around, he came live again and said that he would market the song for free with such status before releasing the song Tamasha mp3 song.

tamasha nobel song
Tamasha Song By Nobel

However, he also said about the status of Tamasha’s song, that the legends of the song are angry at my status, calling me bad. I apologize to them, I apologize.

I need to go live on social media and apologize again. But I did not really say these things to them. I just said this for the purpose of promoting Tamasha’s song.

Mp3 Tamasha Song

But those who are criticizing me, I think, are intelligent. Because if they are not intelligent, there is no chance for me to speak against them or insult me.

Also because they are criticizing me I think I have succeeded in free marketing of my Tamasha song. This I think is a blessing for me.

Tamasha Nobel is insulting prominent artists while marketing songs. But he himself has become an established artist by singing many of their songs.

Tamasha song by Nobel

They are earning money by covering their songs in cultural programs in different places. So why did you say arrogant things to them in this Tamasha song status?

One of his secrets was to talk about legends in the status of that arrogant Tamasha mp3 song given by Nobel.

Because he knew very well that as soon as he talked about the legends in the art industry of Bangladesh, he would be criticized by everyone.

Tamasha Song music video

And according to his plan, the marketing plan of the Tamasha song will be implemented very quickly for free.

It is for this purpose that Nobel has spoken of legends in his Tamasha song status. However, he did not like to talk about legends like this.

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Tamasha Music Criticism Nobel in the context of marketing?

Tamasha Nobel Criticizing the marketing status of the song, Noble said, “I often say one thing and another.”

Tamasha song 2020

I mean, everyone analyzes the words I say in their own way, makes a different meaning of them, and creates criticism about me.

However, it seems to me that popular people in front of the screen have to face criticism for any incident, true or false.

This means that these public figures are the danger of people if they drink the lime juice. However, the listeners or viewers of the song want to see Saregamapa famous Nobel in front of the screen. So there is a lot of criticism about him.

Tamasha Song by Mainul Ahsan noble

Because even before this, he came on his official Facebook page and talked about the national anthem of Bangladesh and caused a lot of criticism on social media.

And in that criticism, of course, there was more to gain from his loss. Because of this criticism, there were 2 million likes on his Facebook page at that time.

Nobel also talks about the topic of hit-flop songs in the last 10 years in his Tamasha song status. There he made it clear that outside of film, too many songs did not find popularity in our industry.

Tamasha music video 2020

He then spoke about Arman Alif’s song ‘Apradhi’. The criminal song became very popular at that time.

However, with this song, there was no benefit other than spreading the identity of the artist Arman Alif. Because a class of people has earned crores of rupees with this song.

On the other hand, Arman Alif is not getting a show worth one lakh rupees outside. On the way, he is doing a show worth Rs 50,000 and singing ‘Nesha’.

Nobel new song Tamasha

This is the situation. For these reasons, he thinks that the basic song is sinking outside the film.

In the context of Nobel’s words, it is natural for us to ask the question, have Ayub Bachchu and James become legends only with the songs of the film? No, they are standing with their heads high in the chest of Bengal with their basic songs.

Mainul Ahsan Noble

Has a current artist been able to come close to them? I don’t think anyone has been able to get close to them so far.

The main reason for this is that many contemporary artists and composers compose songs without knowing the lyrics, they give voice to the songs. Many of them do not even have music properly.

When will Tamasha Nobel’s song release date?

The song Tamasha Song will come out in June. However, it is expected that the song Tamasha will be released on 7th June 2020 in Hindi and English at the same time.

Tamasha Nobel The song is written, composed, and sung by Jihan. The video work is over now just waiting for the song to be released. “Your Royal Highness” has a total of five songs on the album.

From there, only the song ‘Tamasha’ will be released on June 7. This is Nobel’s first original song in Bangladesh.

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