We will dance, sing and love again, said Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is still on the stage after 51 springs. How much relief people have got since the end of 2020 has been felt in their celebrations. That air of relief has touched ‘Jello’ too.

He made the remarks on the evening of ABC New Year’s Rocking Eve on December 31. Dedicating the new dawn of 2021, he sang his new song ‘In the Morning’.

Jennifer Lopez is feeling as good as many others after passing the 2020 Salta. “Standing at the end of 2020,” he said on New Year’s Eve. We have passed the year.

We have been able to go through this difficult time. Today, there is nothing similar to this moment. This time is different from everything else. This year we will bid farewell to Corona from the world. We will dance, sing, and love again.

Jennifer Lopez did not stop saying that. He also remembered the millions of people who died in Corona. Speaking to them, the best-selling artist said passionately, “We have lost countless people this year.

Countless! I wish them peace of mind. As we have learned this year, there is no chance of taking survival “for granted”. Life should be celebrated at every moment.

Before singing his most popular song ‘Dance Again’, he said, ‘Tonight we will live again. I will sing and dance again. And I will dream anew.

I sang the song 20 years ago. But the song has never been so necessary before. There is nothing more important than this song right now. Let’s dance, sing, and live anew.